Manufacture of Metal Furniture, Abrasive Blasting and Metallization Lda.

About Us

Fermozinco:is a family runned business established in Leiria in 1990, specializing in anticorrosive surface treatment, abrasive blasting, painting and metallization. Since 2010 we have new facilities in the industrial zone of Areias, Colmeias-Leiria. The new facilities cover in total an area of​​ 3000m² , equipped with three surface treatment cabines.


Abrasive Blasting:Blast Room dimension 20x5x4,5m prepared for three to four workers simultaneously. The preparation of the surfaces for applying the respective anti-corrosive coating is done in accordance with EN ISO parameters 12944. Abrasive blasting is done manually equiped wirth air compressors of high capacity, angle steel grit of high quality is used , which provides effective cleaning of iron to the degree of roughness required SA 2 ½ to 3 which is essential for good adhesion of the coating to be applied.


Metalization:Metalization Cabin with size of 15x5x4.5m prepared for two workers simultaneously. This whole process of corrosion protection is done according to standards EN ISO 2063 . 2mm Zinc wire of 99.99% purity is used with Electric arc spraying guns .A minimum average coating thickness of 40 microns is always guaranteed , or any other specified.


Painting:Paint Booth 15x7x4.5m prepared for two operators simultaneously: The paint jobs are performed by technicians with many years of experience and training in the activity and there is a strict quality control of the process according to EN ISO12944. We have quality control with calibrated equipments to control all aspects essential to the painting process ( temperature, humidity and thickness gauges - calibrated and certified annually.)


In order tobe able to organize their working method and bring competitive advantage to the company, the management of Fermozinco decided to implement a quality management system according to NP EN ISO 9001:2008 thus ensuring the continuous improvement of services to its customers.